Our biggest project so far – Glider for Microsoft/Asobo – is slowly coming to an end. First teams find time to do something else as well. We are now experienced in aircraft development for MSFS and will build on that in the future.

The first aircraft product that we will create as a standalone release is: The SeaRey Elite Amphibian by Progressive Aerodyne Inc. Fortunately, we have access to the real counterpart, so we can reproduce every detail.

The SeaRey comes in different versions, we are replicating the “Elite”. However, this one comes in two versions: Factory Build and Home Build. The main difference between them is the engine and look. While factory-built airplanes come with pretty covers and fairings, home builders are more pragmatic and leave the whole framework open. On the attached screenshots you can see both: The exterior model of the factory version with engine cowling and the (untextured) cockpit without covers with the “naked” framework.

As you can see from the pictures we will not leave out any detail if possible. This also applies to additional things like our pragmatic tie-down solution, copied from our reference aircraft.

Of course, the aircraft is not very complex in terms of systems, but our reference aircraft has installed interesting special equipment in the cockpit. Let’s see what we can do with it. And yes, we will have a tablet with gimmicks like animation controls, navigation map and an interactive walkaround. Just wait and see.

The aircraft is already in the simulator and is currently being configured and coded on the system side. So the screenshots are a bit older. We are planning an Xbox release with a competitive price, the beta will start in August. This will be followed by an enhanced version for desktop PC.

We will post more details once we entered beta testing.