For some time, the C421 XP project had to be put on hold to allow other projects to be completed.

But recently there has been significant progress.

Additional tank
Our reference aircraft has an auxiliary tank in the left wing baggage compartment. This is now implemented with the correct logic. This is special because there is no fuel gauge for this tank. So if you want to use it, it should be completely filled up. In the air, it can then be manually switched on, whereby the fuel flows over into the left main tank. If the tank is empty, there is a corresponding indicator on the annunciator panel.

Annunciator Panel
According to the manual, the C421 has several special conditions for displaying various warnings. Not all of them could be implemented with the X-Plane bord means. Therefore we decided to code all warnings individually. This has been completed in the meantime. As you can see on the screenshot, not all warnings work. This is intentional, because not all of them are functional as well, since they are not available in all aircraft.

Battery load saving
To make the simulation of the aircraft a bit more realistic, we now continuously save the battery state – per livery. When the aircraft is reloaded, the battery state is automatically set. So you have to be careful with everything that loads the battery. Fortunately, there is also a ground power unit. Visually this is not yet implemented. In the future, the state of the battery will also be saved. Then you should not turn on the main switch before closing the simulator. Otherwise everything will remain dark when you start the next day.

We added more animations, like the panel compartment, where we can put our tablet. There will be another detailed report on the latter. The sun visor can now be operated as well.

Night lighting
We are currently working on a usable night lighting. Currently the aircraft is being developed on X-Plane 11. Therefore our possibilities in lighting are limited. The C421 has a separate panel that can be used to control various lights on the panel. However, in XP11 these will have to be globally on or off, as we can’t get them to blend reasonably. Only the flood lights will be real 3D lights, but dimmable. In XP12 the whole interior lighting will be completely reworked.

3D glitches & textures
There are several mesh and texture issues in the current model (can you spot them in the screenshots?). We will sort them out over the next time. However, the behavior of the PBR textures in XP11 is massively different than in XP12. We will do our best to achieve a high quality result in XP11 as well. But it will look even better later in XP12.

Tablet / Options / Virtual Pilot
We are already working on the tablet, the menus and related functions. The final feature set is not yet set. The virtual pilot, who controls the systems according to the official procedures, can do everything from cold&dark to taxiing.

The end of the year will be turbulent again, several important projects are coming to an end. At the moment we are thinking about starting an Early Access at Christmas.