Project Description

Project Description

The Lucerne-Beromünster airfield was opened in 1966 and has since enjoyed a diverse visitor base of private aircraft, gliders, helicopters and parachute jump flights.

The surrounding heights and lakes make the approach and departure particularly exciting. Primary operations are on Runway 33 (takeoffs and landings). Landing on runway 33 is subject to instruction.

In westerly wind conditions in the Swiss midlands, moderate to strong westerly winds can cause turbulence and downdrafts on the east side of the forest. This makes it difficult or impossible to take off and climb on runway 33 until you have passed this zone.

In the case of a bisen situation in the Swiss midlands, turbulence and downdrafts may occur in medium to strong easterly winds on the west side of this wooded area (yellow circle), making a final approach to runway 33 (final) considerably more difficult or impossible.

The scenery has been recreated based on a high number of reference pictures of the real airport. High resolution textures, the use of modern 3D technologies and various special effects result in an immersive experience.

Please note: This scenery is included in Microsoft Flight Simulator by default since the “Game of the year” release (November 2021)

Features for MSFS

  • handcrafted replication of LSZO Lucerne-Beromünster Airfield
  • plenty of small details to explore
  • manual terraforming to reflect real terrain
  • custom night lighting
  • custom static gliders
  • animated 3D people
  • optimized for PC and Xbox