Project Description

Project Description

Kufstein-Langkampfen airfield is located in an impressive mountain scape in Tyrol, Austria, making it a great base for extended gliding flights, but it is also home to motor gliders, ultralights and single-engine powered aircraft. Although the grass runway covers a total of 800m, it has significantly offset landing thresholds. This reduces the landing distance to up to 450m, which, in addition to the landscape, is a great challenge for any pilot.

The scenery was recreated based on actual imagery. All objects have been modeled especially for this airfield. Within the technical possibilities, the terrain was also adapted to the local conditions. Custom static aircraft, 3D people and vegetation complete the package.

The scenery is available at Aerosoft for public.

Features for MSFS

  • handcrafted replication of LOIK Kufstein-Langkampfen airfield
  • plenty of small details to explore
  • manual terraforming to reflect real terrain
  • custom night lighting
  • custom static aircrafts and gliders (depend on time and weather)
  • optimized for PC and Xbox