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We are developing the E-Jets Series for Microsoft Flight Simulator, which are separated in two stand alone packages: E170/175 and E190/195. They are still in early access and receive continuous free updates.

All aircrafts already offer many custom systems, high resolution and accurate avionics, an FMS with an authentic interface, immersive sounds, and the 3D assets and animations are already finished and of top-level quality. Please see below for a complete description of all currently implemented systems.

At this Early Access phase there will still be bugs and missing features, as with any newly released software, but you will already be able to do full flights and enjoy the products. These bugs will be fixed continuously and free of charge. Please read the full product description carefully to understand what is already included.

For more details about our progress please check out our documentation as well as our roadmap.


Do not buy this product if you are not comfortable using the product at this Early Access phase! We are going to finish these products no matter how much support we receive initially and we really do not want any customers to be disappointed by not understanding what the Early Access means.

Free Freighter Version

If you own both E-Jets packages (E170/175 and E190/195) you can claim your free serial for the E-Jets 190/195 Freighter variant here.


Stunning Visuals

An incredibly detailed 3D model and high-resolution textures.


As Real As It Gets

Custom aircraft systems, feature-rich EFB, MCDU (based on native MSFS)


Great Behavior

Flight dynamics created by a real world pilot aligned on charts.


Immersive Sound

A true to life sound environment including cabin and ambient sounds


Detailed Liveries

High details by decal mesh and merging technology.


Frequently asked Questions

Important Considerations Before Buying the E-Jets.

Our ultimate goal is to create advanced level products including a custom FMS and a custom autopilot, however, that takes a lot of time. So while we are working towards creating all of the E-Jets at a higher level of fidelity, we are offering this early access. There are two main reasons for this:

  • First of all, we want to listen to what the community wants. We are offering this Early Access version at a reduced price, so that anyone who would like to support us and provide their input can do so. We want the community to be involved in the development of the advanced features and we want to be transparent about what we can or cannot do.

  • There are many users who are happy to with the current level of simulation, and we want to give them the chance to enjoy these products now, while the rest of the community can wait for the final advanced product.

Both packages, the E170/175 and E190/195 have been released. To find out more about our plans for 2024 and the FMS development status please check our latest Status Report.



No, the Early Access does not have VNAV, because we first need to develop a fully custom FMS which does not rely on MSFS’ default flight navigation system.  However, we are fully aware of the importance of using VNAV in the E-Jets, and it is a crucial autopilot mode that we will prioritize as soon as the FMS development will allow us to. Please check our latest Status Report.

We do not recommend using the aircraft for online flights at this stage, as some essential navigation functions have not yet been implemented. However, it ultimately depends on the capabilities of each individual user. As always, the first thing to do is to familiarize yourself extensively with your aircraft before flying online.

No, the packages are already reduced in price during early access. But if you own both E-Jets packages (E170/175 and E190/195) you will get exclusive and free access to the upcoming E190/195 freighter variant, which is planned for Q2 2024.


The 3D model was originally created by X-Crafts, a well-known company from the X-Plane community. Based on thousands of photos and with input from a number of real pilots, an incredibly detailed replica of the real aircraft was created. Our team migrated this data into an MSFS capable aircraft. This includes taking advantage of native technologies such as detail decals, PBR texturing and performance optimization. In addition, a large number of animations were added - above and beyond the usual. For example, the cockpit windows and door can be opened, sun visors can be placed and much more. Last but not least, there is an individual night lighting with a variety of light sources, which creates the right mood even in the dark.

  • Precise and highly detailed recreation of the E-Jet Series (interior & exterior)
  • Including long and short winglet version
  • Detailed cabin with dynamic seat layout
  • Using native MSFS technologies like:
    • High resolution decals
    • Crisp and sharp liveries
    • PBR effects throughout
    • Custom icing model
    • Individual interior and exterior lighting
    • Hundreds of animations including wipers, seats, wingflex, etc.
    • Ground service docking config
    • Dynamic registration number
  • Several detailed liveries included

We have a flight dynamics developer who is, appropriately enough, a pilot himself. Thus, the configuration of the E-Jets is not only based on tables from manuals, but also on real experience values. The flight behavior is generally good-natured and even under difficult weather conditions the E-Jets are easy to control.

  • Correct weight & balance behavior
  • Performance in limits to real world data
  • Configured by real world airline pilot

No matter how well the systems are implemented, it's all worth nothing without good sound. Our sound designer has spent hundreds of hours converting our reference material into usable MSFS sounds. This includes not only the usual things like engine sounds but also many animations like the cockpit window or environment ambience.

Some systems were even simulated to the point where you can't see the difference visually, but you can hear it all the more clearly. One example is the avionic fans, which make characteristic noises when the aircraft is switched on. Or the pack air flow, which varies depending on the aircraft configuration.

The result is an extensive soundscape that reflects the typical feeling of the E-Jets.

  • Custom soundpack specifically done for this product
  • Immersive cockpit feeling typical for E-Jets
  • Custom cabin sounds
  • Includes several warning and alert sounds

The E-Jets are highly automated aircraft with a simple operating concept: As long as no button is lit, it is in auto-logic, which controls all systems according to the current situation and needs. Most of the auto-logic has already been implemented in the Early Access version. All normal-ops procedures can be performed and the system status can be monitored on the EICAS. Also, most systems can already be switched to manual mode should the situation require it. We will continue adding and perfecting all systems with future updates. Please check out our online documentation for a detailed system description.

  • Systems custom coded based on real aircraft manual
    • Electrics (AC/DC)
    • APU including realistic procedures
    • Hydraulics
    • Heating / Ice Protection
    • Air Condition / Pneumatics
  • Only in the E190/195:
    • Steep approach mode
    • Head-Up display
  • Flight planning incl. SimBrief import
  • Aircraft loading/fueling
  • Performance calculation (Manifest)
  • Control ground equipment and doors
  • Navigraph Charts Viewer
  • Comprehensive options
    • Throttle calibration
    • Aircraft settings (global)
    • Operator settings (per livery)

The FMS in the Early Access version is based on the standard flight plan system of MSFS, however it has a custom interface that mimics the Load 27 software installed on the real planes. In addition there are several modifications concerning SID and STAR selection and waypoint management.

Unfortunately, the native MSFS flight plan system doesn’t allow us to implement all functions of the real FMS, so we have decided to create a fully custom FMS which will contain the majority of the currently missing features. Developing such complex software however takes time, so it will only be available in the final products.

  • Detailed replica of the LOAD27 MCDU:
    • MSFS based lateral route management incl. SID/STAR
    • Performance Initialization & Data
    • Fuel Management
    • Takeoff and Landing speed calculation
    • Flight Summary
    • COM/NAV integration
    • Conversion Calculations
    • Maintenance Pages
    • Progress overview
    • Direct keyboard entry available

Similarly to the FMS, the Early Access version of the aircraft uses the native MSFS autopilot systems, and stretches them to their limits. There are AP modes that are custom to the E-Jets that the native systems do not have, and we have already developed custom logic to create some additional functions.

Our plan is to implement a fully custom Autopilot eventually which will not be based on the native systems, which will allow us to implement all missing AP modes. This will go hand in hand with the fully custom FMS, which will be closely tied with the custom AP modes.

Check out the Autopilot Guide for a detailed overview.

  • Custom Flight Director implementation including TO mode
  • Automatic Yaw Damper logic
  • MAN speed mode
  • Custom tuned lateral autopilot modes (ROLL, HDG, LNAV, LOC, TRACK)
  • Custom tuned vertical autopilot modes (FPA, TO, ASEL, FLCH, ALT, VS, GS)
  • Corresponding Flight Mode Annunciators on PFD

All important functions of the PFD, MFD and EICAS have already been implemented, as well as the IESS, the digital clock and the audio control panel.

A flight can already be carried out under normal conditions. However, this does not prevent us from successively adding further functions as soon as the necessary systems have been implemented.

  • Realistic Primary Flight Display (LOAD27) including:
    • Autopilot FMAs
    • V-Speeds readout
    • Low Speed Awareness tapes
    • VMO/MMO barber poles
    • Metric altitude readout
    • Trend vectors
    • BARO in hpa and inhg
    • Radio altitude readout
    • Flight director (bar/cue)
    • Flight path vector
    • Slip/skid indication
    • Vertical deviation scale/pointer (LOC only)
    • HSI (Compass only)
  • Custom Multifunctional Display including:
    • MAP mode (arc view with routing and navaids)
    • Progress display
  • Realistic Integrated Electronic Standby System (IESS)
  • Custom EICAS display including all required system information
  • Custom digital clock
  • Custom coded Audio Control Panel (VHF1-3, NAV1-3)
  • Interactive MSFS checklist with custom cameras and highlightings
  • MCDU input via keyboard
  • Route integration into native MSFS map
  • Using native MSFS nav database
  • Pop-out screens

Comprehensive Documentation

Just like with all of our aircraft, we offer a detailed and comprehensive online manual. This covers everything from checklists to comprehensive system descriptions. We also provide Procedure Guide and an FAQs section to address any additional questions you may have.

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