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Why just hobby?

Do you enjoy Microsoft Flight Simulator but only do it in your spare time? Then turn your hobby into a profession and enter the world of flight simulation with FSS. We are always looking for new team members and are happy to hear from you.

Open Positions

Your kick-off in flight simulation

We have just actively advertised the following positions. However, we are always grateful for any help. So if you think you could support us in any way, please get in touch with us via the contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

Become the heart of our addons and develop exciting systems and cutting-edge features.

You're in the right place when you:

  • have experience with Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  • have fun to create aircraft systems.
  • can work independently with the MSFS SDK.
  • have experience in javascript and/or C++.

This is your responsibility:

  • Programming of aircraft systems based on technical manuals.
  • Optional: work for other areas of aircraft development, e.g. effects, animation logic, etc.
Our toolset:
  • Thanks to our many years of development, we have a broad set of templates that can be used for animation and programming.
  • We have our own large C++ framework, which is integrated into the MSFS and enables us to implement and test code and visualizations independently of the simulator. This is very convenient and efficient.
  • We use our own Gitlab server to manage the projects on both the code and coordination side. This provides us with appropriate versioning, automation and an interaction platform with our beta testers.

Become the person responsible for the public presentation of the FSS.

You're in the right place when you:

  • love to create media content with Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  • are active in social media.
  • embody creativity.

This is your responsibility:

  • Organizing and managing social media content.
  • General media design.

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Who is who

Your Team Mates

We currently have around 15 active full-time employees and many other freelancers who support us with our projects. It would certainly be going too far to list them all here. But here are your most important contacts.

Takes care of the critical issues and visions for the future.

Director Projects

Keeps all projects running on a daily basis and coordinates developers.

Project Manager

Entertain the Discord community and help where they can.

Discord Moderators
Carson / Jay / Tim

The indispensable geniuses behind the products.

Coders & Artists
Development Team