SeaRey Elite

Pure fun to fly

The SeaRey is a single-engine, two-seat flying boat developed by the US aircraft manufacturer Progressive Aerodyne.

It is a strutted high-wing monoplane with fabric-covered wings and a wingspan of 9 meters. The fuselage of the amphibious aircraft consists of a half-shell of carbon fiber reinforced plastic similar to a boat.

The high-wing design, large windscreen and side windows, which can be opened in flight, provide an excellent view of the underlying landscape. Together with the Microsoft Flight Simulator it is therefore the perfect combination for exploring the landscape.


Beautiful Visuals

A beautiful 3D model and high-resolution textures.


Custom Instruments

Engine instrument, com radio and transponder



Includes homebuild and experimental cockpit


Custom Sound

An ambient sound environment.​


XBOX Ready

Ready to use natively on XBOX and PC.



  • Realistic replica of the Searey Amphibian LSA including homebuild experimental version
  • Impressively detailed 3D model, inside and outside
  • Multiple real world liveries included
  • Supporting native MSFS technologies like:
    • Windshield rain effect
    • High-resolution PBR textures
    • Visual icing effects
    • Interactive checklist with auto-completion
    • Dynamic registration on liveries
  • Custom yaw string animation
  • Camping equipment
  • Custom coded instruments
    • Garmin inReach navigation device
    • EIS 4000 engine monitor
    • GTX320 transponder
    • IC-A200 com radio
  • Custom electrical and fuel pump logic to reflect the real operation of the top-mounted backward-facing engine
  • Simulated autopilot to hold altitude/heading/gps course
  • Anchor simulation to keep aircraft position in water


  • Integrated flight plan data and moving map
  • Real time weight & balance menu
  • Simulated walkaround with interactive & animated check items like wheels, control surfaces, prop rotation and tie-down
  • Interactive walkaround including, chocks, tie-down, control surfaces, pitot cover, propeller and more
  • Comprehensive online documentation inlc. performance data etc.

Comprehensive Documentation

Just like with all of our aircraft, we offer a detailed and comprehensive online manual. This covers everything from checklists to system descriptions, procedures, and even an FAQs section to address any additional questions you may have.

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