Mission Hub

An alternative to your virtual airline

Your Gateway to Realistic Missions

Exclusively to our users, we offer a free mission platform specifically designed for selected aircraft. Join the world of real-world airlines and experience their daily operations firsthand.

With detailed tasks, routes, and automatic progress tracking, you can recreate the authentic airline experience. Plus, compete against others with our leaderboard feature.

This exciting addition not only provides realistic options for utilizing our aircraft, but also adds a thrilling element of fun to your flight simulation adventures.


Multiple Operators

Simulating realistic operators with their missions and liveries.


Auto Recording

No extra client required. Automatic in-game flight recording.


GPS Routes

Show the route on GPS and EFB on the fly to achieve all objectives successfully.


Free Of Charge

Included without any extra costs in our light aircrafts.


No Registration

No registration required. Just load your flight and get started!


How To Start

Step 1 - Aircrafts

We currently support missions for our Tecnam P2006T and Tecnam P2012 Traveller for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

If you don't own the aircraft yet, you can purchase it directly from our partner Aerosoft.

  • Select aircraft and load a flight.

Step 2 - Missions

You can explore all available missions on our dedicated pages for each operator. They take from half an hour up to several hours, depending on weather and route.

Remember that flight planning is up to you. Local conditions such as weather and terrain should be adequately checked beforehand.

  • In the EFB select the corresponding Mission.

Step 3 - Flying

Once you have selected a mission, simply load a flight at the departure airport and start the mission via the EFB. The corresponding route will be loaded to your GPS and EFB automatically.

Once you have completed all mission objectives, your flight will be automatically saved and entered into our leaderboard. Will you get the first place?

  • Click on START and complete all objectives.

Tecnam P2012 Traveller

Alpen Air


Fly with the new P2012 Traveller over Munich and Bavaria's most beautiful Alpine ranges.


Tecnam P2012 Traveller

Zil Air


Experience the beauty of the seychelles while island hopping between Mahé and the many beautiful islands.


Tecnam P2006T



Explore the massive mountains of the French Alps with their beautiful lakes, small villages and snow-capped peaks.


Tecnam P2006T



Experience the Andes up close with the Tecnam P2006T operated by Aerotec Argentina. Fly over the eternal expanses, through steep valleys and discover local airfields of the region.



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Missions Completed

Things you might want to know


No, the mission hub is solely usable with aircrafts from FSS. There is no plan to provide integration to other aircrafts.

Any that you like! However we always provide a corresponding livery to our missions and suggest to use it for the best immersion.

That is totally up to you. For the best immersion we recommend to use live weather and time however you should check your planned mission carefully for any time or weather requirements upfront.

Once you achieve all objectives the flight log is being stored automatically and sent to our servers. No need to do anything!

Yes, there is no limit. If you enjoy a specific mission, fly it how often you like. Each flight will be logged individually.

Yes you can. But keep in mind that it will only record the "real" flown time, not the accelerated sim time. So catching hours by using time acceleration won't work.

The route will automatically be loaded into your GPS and the native MSFS nav map when starting a mission (it might take a few seconds to initialize). You don't have to follow it but if you do you will reach all objectives properly.

Yes, we're already working on new missions with different operators. Stay tuned!

First, we only store data that is necessary to check your mission progress. That includes your aircraft data as well as your xbox user name fetched directly in game.

Second, we only send the data upon completion of a mission to our server which is being backed up regularly.

We don't store any data other than the ones mentioned above. If you like to delete your mission hub data please contact us directly.