EDWQ - Ganderkesee


As Real As It Gets.

Welcome to our replica of Ganderkesee Airfield (EDWQ) in Germany, also known as Atlas Airfield. It features an approximately 840-meter-long asphalt runway and is home to the renowned aircraft maintenance, Atlas Air Service.
With special permits, even aircraft with a takeoff weight of more than 5.7 tons are allowed to land here, as the site hosts a reputable Cessna aircraft dealer. Another unique feature is the night flight permit, which is rather uncommon in Germany, making this airfield a popular alternative to the nearby Bremen International Airport for many celebrities.


Simple and Hassle-Free Installation

You will have a stress-free installation process with our package, which is conveniently provided as a zip folder. All you need to do is extract it into your community folder, and you're good to go!

For an even easier installation, consider purchasing via Aerosoft One. For a step-by-step guide on installing, please consult the comprehensive Aerosoft One User Guide.


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