New: B727-200 Freighter

Today, we would like to introduce you to a long-standing: The Boeing B727-200 Freighter for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

We have been working on the implementation since the beginning of 2023 and are now close to completion.

At FSExpo, we will have a play station with exactly this aircraft at our stand, where interested parties can try it out for the first time. FSExpo visitors will also be able to buy the addon exclusively in advance. However, this will not entitle them to any discounts or other benefits. We just want to take advantage of the momentum when they come to our stand and hopefully get excited about the implementation.

For everyone else, we have set up a product page as a preview. There, you will find screenshots, FAQs, and more details.


What can you expect from this new addon?
First of all, the same top-notch visual and audio quality you’ve come to expect from our other products. A fully custom spacial audio environment from @mariusz, the absolute legend of a sound designer that he is. A 3D model and texture set built for MSFS from the ground up, with no details left behind.
But what are sights and sounds without systems to boot? Don’t worry, we have those as well. Fully custom electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic and other systems, with all of their many valves, bleeds, and safety mechanisms simulated. A fully functional flight engineer’s station to control all of these yourself. The front two seats have all of the analog instrumentation you’d expect from an aircraft of the time, as well as a variety of navigation options - you can have a time-appropriate, custom-coded INS, or a much more modern GPS unit. A Sperry SP-150 autopilot, based on the Working Title codebase. Finally, the freighter cabin has all of its functionality simulated - from cabin-interactable doors to the controls for the main deck cargo door.


What about the E-Jets?

The development of this aircraft has NOT affected any other FSS projects. The team who developed this aircraft is entirely separate from the E-Jets, save for our sound developer and some 3D artists. The developer of the Custom FMS and APv2 was not involved in the development of this aircraft, and it has not affected those features’ development timelines.

We have a new status report for the E-Jets available here.


Overall, we’re happy to showcase this next addition to the FSS family - if you’re at FSExpo, be sure to stop by the Aerosoft booth for a demo flight! We look forward to sharing more details about this aircraft soon.

If you are a content creator and would like to request a free press copy today, you can do so here. Please note that we will only grant access after reviewing your information and shortly before the release of the addon.