E-Jets Freighter Incoming 📦

We already promised you in December 2023 with the release of the E190/195 that we would work on an extension, the E-Jets Freighter (P2F). As announced at the time, the release is planned for Q2 2024 - and we are on schedule. The first internal tests have begun and now it won't be too long before you can fly this variant too.

Please note

The release is not affecting the development timeline of our custom FMS including extended LNAV and VNAV capabilities. It's solely a different 3D model 😀


What's included

Technically, the Freighter variants are similar to the current release of the E190/195. Apart from the visual differences, there are only slight adjustments to the EFB. On the system side, they are all the same.

Of course we have modeled the cargo cabin and main cargo door can be opened both via the EFB and via a special panel in the cabin. A suitable GSX configuration is also included.

Please note that the real-life counterpart only recently took off on its first test flight. Our source data was therefore quite limited. There may be certain deviations from the real model.

Same applies to the liveries. We have researched for which airlines this aircraft would be an option. Especially as a replacement for old 737 freighters. Accordingly, we have created several liveries, which we will show you soon. Of course, these are fictional until further notice, but who knows, maybe one or the other operator will get a taste for it.


How to get

All customers who have both the E170/175 package and the E190/195 package will be able to use the Freighter variant free of charge. We are currently implementing a technical solution that will allow you to easily obtain a serial for activation in Contrail or Aerosoft One. It is irrelevant where you bought the two packages mentioned above. Even if you bought them in two different stores, it is only important to us that your xbox user name is the same for both packages in the simulator.

Customers who currently only own one E-Jets package only have the choice:
  • To purchase the other missing E-Jets package and get the freighter for free.
  • To purchase the freighter as a stand-alone product.

The stand-alone freighter product will be offered at a reduced preferential price (at least during the Early Access period). If you do not yet own any E-Jets products, this offers a favorable first entry into our Embraer world. Please note, however, that there will be no discount on the E17X and E19X packages, even if you have purchased the Freighter separately. Our recommendation is therefore to invest in the E17X and E19X package in the long term and to take the Freighter free of charge.


Marketplace & Xbox

We have already asked Microsoft to include the E-Jets Freighter variant in the Marketplace.

It will be the first E-Jet product to be available via this channel. The others will surely follow one day. But first we have to gain experience of how such a complex product behaves in this environment. Because unlike before, we don't have the option of rolling out quick hotfixes in the Marketplace and how the plane will perform on the Xbox is still completely unknown to us.

As you probably know, onboarding a new product in the Marketplace is a pretty complex process. We are currently waiting for Microsoft to provide us with the necessary data. After that, the addon will be tested by everyone in the new channel and, if necessary, fixed until it is finally available to everyone.

We therefore expect it to be several weeks before this happens.


We will keep you updated on the release date!