E-Jets Update 0.9.22 available

As we bid farewell to another year, it's time for one last update from us. And what better way to end the year than with exciting improvements to our E170/175 aircraft, alongside the release of the highly anticipated E190/195 package.

One highlight to mention is the new Green Dot Speed calculation, which takes into account not just the weight and configuration of the aircraft, but also the altitude. This means that when you're cruising, you'll now be able to spot the green dot on the speedtape of the PFD, depending on your speed and altitude. It's a small yet significant enhancement that adds to the overall flying experience.

And while our team is eagerly looking forward to some well-deserved time off during the holiday season, we'll be back in action on January 3rd, 2024, ready to bring you even more exciting updates in the new year.So, as you take to the skies with the entire E-Jets fleet this Christmas and New Year, we wish you safe and joyful flights. Here's to seeing each and every one of you in the air again next year!


Bug Fixes

#1502 - Fixed NAV light bug

Fixed floating NAV light.

#1546 - Fixed cabin ambience slider response

Connected cabin ambience sound slider in EFB with actual sound.

#1631 - Fixed engine Start/Stop switch decals

Update incorrect engine Start/Stop switch decals.

#1542 - Fixed cockpit window open animation issue

Fixed cockpit window clipped the inner wall when open.

#1558 - Reduced GPWS volume level

Reduced GPWS volume level as per user requests.

#1562 - Roll spoiler logic on ground if lever deployed

Fix the logic of roll spoiler not opening on ground if the lever deployed.

#1651 - Fix no take off trim aural warning

Update the take off logic regarding the trim aural warning.

#1522 - [E19X] Fixed engine cone issue not appearing

Fixed the engine cone not showing when airborne.

#1638 - [E19X] Fixed flying mesh on the exterior

Remove the flying mesh on the rear left fueslage.

#1592 - [E19X] Fixed Jetblue wrong livery name

Fixed wrong Jetblue livery name.

#1590 - [E19X] Fixed E190 BA Cityflyer thumbnails

Update the thumbnails to the latest version of the livery.

#1606 - EFB-Manifest : Set OAT readout to be always in Celcius

Adjust OAT readout to be always in Celcius.


#1412 - Touchdown sounds reworked

Rework to improve the touchdown sounds.

#1486 - APU Sounds reworked

Improve the APU sounds after new references.

#1582 - Cabin Engine sound position updated

Rework the engine sound position to enhance immersiveness.

#1451 - Improved TO Flight Director

Improved the TO Flight Director to improve the simulation accuracy.

#1603 - Improved trim warning protection sounds

Update the sounds of the trim warning protection.

#1589 - A/T servo sounds added

Added the AutoThrottle servo sounds when engaged.

#1428 - Improved greendot speed based on ALT

Improved the logic on greendot speed based on altitude.

[E19X] - Added E190 TAP local sound profile

Added E190 TAP livery for local sound profile.

[E19X] - Engine whine and buzz improved

Engine whine and buzz sounds improved.

#1650 - Improved MFD-map aircraft icon size and look

The aircraft icon on the MFD map now looks more like the real counterpart.

New Features

#1635 - Added 'Reset EFB Settings'

Added capability to wipe the EFB settings.

[E19X] - E190 New Liveries

New E190 liveries added: Jetblue – Dream Come; BlueJetblue – Blue Clipper; Aeromexico; FinnAir