E-Jets Update 0.9.23 available

Welcome to the new year, dear flight simulator pilots.  Are you as excited as we are? It's going to be a great year with great new products, new innovations and a lot of great flights. And we at FSS will also be contributing to this - there's a lot on the roadmap.But while you are certainly eagerly awaiting the custom FMS (we already presented the schedule for this in December 2023), we have "just" retextured the cockpit - a frequently requested improvement from our users. We are pleased to inform you that the new look is now available in all E-Jet variants in version 0.9.23.

In addition to the usual fixes and improvements, we have also included new liveries. We have also started working on the promised Freighter variant. More information and screenshots will hopefully come in the next update.

For now, have fun with the new cockpit and a good start into 2024.

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New Textures
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New Textures
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New Textures

Bug Fixes

#1713 - Fixed automatic switch to mach on the speed tape

Update speed tape logic to switch automatically to mach (and back during descent)

#1629 - Update default MIN to BARO

Update MIN logic to always spawn in BARO

#1717 - Update GPWS precision below 50 feet

Update the logic to improve the precision of GPWS callout below 50 feet.

#1706 - Trim aural warning logic fixed. Adjusted repeat timing

Update timing repetition for trim aural warning

#1663 - E170 engine exhaust effect updated

Reduce engine exhaust effect, especially in low altitudes

#1545 - APP mode logic updated

Update APP mode to grab preview needle regardless of NAV source

#1591 - Update E19x default trim value

E19x default trim value updated

#1714 - E190/195: Adjust landing Vspeed values

Updated the Vspeed values during approach/landing which were too low

#1764 - Fixed incorrect Bleed decals

Updated overhead bleed decals to match the real aircraft

#1694 - Fixed control surface fillings

Fixed the logic so the flight control check elevator down fill white dashed box with green

#1601 - Fixed Flight ID writing color in MCDU

Updated the writing color of Flight ID in MCDU to match the existing

#1690 - Fixed TA/RA - STBY switching logic in MCDU

Fixed the MCDU logic so that when XPNDR on, TA/RA should swap sizes with STBY

#1686 - Fixed Temp number format in MCDU Prog page

The decimal place in MCDU PROG 1/3 Temp removed

Fixed E195 bad rotation and climb out logic

Fixed the logic of rotation and climb out

Fix CB layout

Update CB layout that previously not correct.


New Cockpit Textures

Improved details and looks of the overall cockpit textures: Instruments, seats, buttons; you name it!

Cockpit lights improved

Adjust cockpit lights ambience and color tune

#1658 - Improve Green Dot logic with Flap Extension/Retraction

Adjust timing green dot, LSA tape, barber pole value change during flap extension/retraction.

#1704 - PFD: Speed and Altitude bug direction

Improve speed and altitude bug to have direction from either top or bottom as in MFD

#1662 - HSI and Distance PFD logic improved

Improved the HSI and Distance display logic in the PFD

#1700 - Screen glow and brightness tuned

Improved all screen glow and brightness level

#1577 - APU exhaust fx improved

Improved APU exhaust effect

#1718 - Engine tune improved

Improved the RPM and N1 sound behavior

#1705 - Landing gear down icon improved

Improved the landing gear down icon

#1636 - Cockpit decals improved

Improved cockpit decals

#1660 - N1 sounds frequency improved

Improved engine N1 sounds frequency

#1596 - Warn and Caut button looks improved

Improved the texture and shape of WARN and COUT buttons

#1671 - Screen brightness initial value adjusted

Adjusted the screens' initial brightness value

#1428 - Green dot calculation logic at higher altitude improved

Improved the logic for green dot at higher altitude

#1716 - Update GPWS volume

Improved the GPWS sounds level

#1443 - Updated gear lever up duration

The change gear lever animation now very quick when going up to match the real aircraft

#1616 - Added auto close logic to guarded switches

Added logic to red guarded switches to automatically closed when opened after some time

#1729 - Improved strobe lights volumetric effects

Improved the strobe lights looks to have volumetric effects

#1707 - Updated the PFD cursor design

Updated the PFD cursor design to increase realism

#1563 - Improved cabin window rain effect

Improved the cabin window rain effects to add realism

#1664 - Improved GS tracking precision

Improved the GS tracing logic to add precision

#1628 - Improved pages logic in MCDU

Improved button logic so that if we press the button of the current page that was opened, it will bring the screen to the first page of the corresponding button

#1589 - Improved A/T engage sound logic

Improved the sound logic of the A/T engage sound to increase realism

#1474 - Added Printer Module to E19x cockpit

Added Printer Module to pedestal on the E19x cockpit to increase realism

#1682 - Added new Ground Objects : E19x Engine covers

Added E19x engine covers

New Features

#1367 - Audio panel migration to WASM architecture

Migrated Audio Panel to WASM architecture to improve performance

#1715 - Added new popup for WASM crashes

If WASM crashed, we will show you a popup window to make you aware of the situation

#1719 -E19x Added FinnAir language Pack

Added Finnish language pack to the FinnAir livery

E190: Added new liveries

Bulgaria Air, Colorful Guizhou Airlines, German Airways, Helvetic, J-Air, Kenya Airways, Qantas Link and Tianjin Airlines

Added Wing Cloud effect

Added wing cloud effects