E-Jets Update 0.9.24 available

Oops, didn't we just see each other last week? And now another new update? What's going on?
Well, we had a serious issue in the calculation of the takeoff trim, which caused the E19X series to lift the nose into the air far too early. We have now fixed this and it was important for us to give you this fix as soon as possible.

In addition, we had already planned some fixes and improvements in the last update, but they did not make it through QA. These are now included.

We hope that everything will be fine until the next planned release.

Have fun!


Bug Fixes

#1617 - Added missing shortcuts on Perf page 3/3

Added shortcuts from Perf Page and added some details such as : LSK 6L and 6R prompts updated; LSK 4L and 5R cursor box width corrected; LSK 1R-4R double arrow icon added; and LSK 5L "ENTER" prompt background color inverted

#1654 - Fixed MCDU scratchpad bug when entering Cruise page values

Fixed Bug where scratchpad unusable after input in cruise page

#1782 - Fixed EFB Loadsheet Pax Zone B limit

Updated the character limit of Pax Zone B from 4 to 5.

#1732 - Fixed Cockpit noise still heard when tabbed out

Now the in-game sounds won't heard when the sim is not in focus

#1789 - Fixed Simbrief data handling

Update data handling logic of Simbrief during import

#1800 - Fixed wrong EFB Manifest weight after import

Fixed incorrect weights loaded when importing from Simbrief

[E19x] #1687 - Update default flap selection

Update default takeoff flap selection from 2 to 1

[E19x} #1784 - Fixed wrong reference used for trim calculation

Updated the reference table used for trim calculation

[E19x] #1783 - Engine variant on EFB incorrect

Fixed incorrect engine variant shown on EFB

[E190] - Fix Qantas Link livery

Fixed winglet livery that were incorrect


#1757 - MCDU FLT PLAN logic updated

Updated the logic of FLT Plan page not able to input the origin ICAO due to the "Invalid Direct-To" when no flight plan has been entered. Now it only occurs when there is an active flight plan.

#1688 - MFD: Drift Bug logic updated

Adjust MFD drift bug logic to actually show heading drift if condition met.

#1605 - MCDU: Logic for Delete behavior updated

We changed the way you delete entire scratchpad entries. Now you will need to enter "-" and then press DEL to clear the scratchpad. This was changed to match the real jet