E-Jets Update 0.9.25 available

We finally have the update 0.9.25 online. The last few days have kept us pretty busy with our server recovery. But now everything is back and work can continue.
The changelog is not very long this time but under the hood there is a very important component. Disguised as "improved ILS behavior", this is actually a fundamentally new system for flying a lateral and vertical path. So far, the standard autopilot has done this for us, albeit more poorly than well. We now have our own code for this. This leads to a much more stable approach behavior and paves the way for a future autoland feature.

But what's so special about it? Quite simply, this code forms our basis for the general flying of LNAV and VNAV paths. Because whether the autopilot follows an ILS, an RNAV approach or simply the enroute waypoints or the vertical descent profile is ultimately irrelevant. The bottom line is that it is always the same use case and therefore always the same code. It can therefore be said that we have now reached the basic code for flight plan tracking for the upcoming custom FMS. And that is indeed something important.

To summarize: If the autopilot now flies the ILS well both laterally and vertically, then it will also do this well with our VNAV and LNAV profile later on.

Of course we will keep you updated about future progress of our backend systems. Stay tuned!



Bug Fixes

#1661 - E190: Fixed Wrong Elevator Trim decal

Change the elevator trim decal that previously incorrect.

#1804 - Fixed MCDU highlight over text

Fixed the MCDU "Apply" display to have the highlight over the text, not next to it

#1805 - Fixed MAG1 on MFD

Fixed logic so that MAG1 displayed only on certain conditions.

#1806 - Fixed MFD Drift Bug Color

Foxed the drift bug color on MFD to match the actual color.

#1781 - Fixed Compass rotation direction and color

Fixed incorrect compass rotation direction and the color.

#1778 - Fixed missing FO Steer disconnect

Added FO Steer Disc button which previously missing

#1818 - Revert sun visor color

Revert sun visor color to the previous version as suggested by the community.

Fixed GPWS incorrect callout behavior

Fixed incorrect logic of GPWS callout.

E17x - Adjusted few engine sounds and positions around cabin

Update several sounds and the positions heard from the cabin


#1807 - E19x: Changed EFB default Flap selection to 1

Improved the EFB default Flap Selection to 1 to match the default selection on the MCDU.

#1771 - Improved knob emissive texture

Improved emissive texture on the knobs.

#1798 - Updated the MCDU Logic for FLEX Temp input

Update the MCDU logic for FLEX Temp button inputs.

Improved ILS behavior

Improved the accuracy and behavior of the ILS tracking

HGS Improvements

Added GS Deviation indicator, barber-pole speed tape, PFPA pointer and SpeedErrorTape bar

E190: Liveries Improvements

Improved AeroMexico livery to match the details on the wingtips and update color pallet of QantasLink livery to improve similarity to the actual aircraft


Added GSX profiles for E17x

Added the E17x GSX profiles for user to use.