E-Jets Update 0.9.26 available

Our new update brings a lot of new features, improvements and bug fixes. We would like to highlight the new Autopilot 2.0. Continue reading to find out more details.

Autopilot 2.0 in progress

Up to now, we have mostly used the build-in MSFS autopilot. This is not necessarily bad, but it often reaches its limits. That's why we started extending it many months ago, bending it and adding workarounds to improve its behavior. But the more often you add cumbersome workarounds, the more difficult it becomes to maintain and at some point you reach the point where you have to throw everything in the corner and start all over again.

This is what we have now done. The result is an autopilot that can do much more under the hood and corrects many essential things. Here is an example:

MSFS build-in pitch control gives us the option of using either the elevator or its trim for control, but not both at the same time.

We have tried both variants. With the trim it is difficult to make fine adjustments, which are necessary when flying a glideslope. By using the elevator, on the other hand, we can't achieve the target values with a large pitch angle in FLCH mode, so the trim has to provide support.

So the solution is to leave the elevator control in the MSFS autopilot and program a custom trim system that can neutralize or support the elevator movements wherever necessary.


More Improvements

Other improvements requested by our users have also been implemented in this release. For example, the wheel covers on the main landing gear can now be switched on and off via the tablet for each operator (livery) and our standard liveries have been configured accordingly.

We have also added a Quick Load feature to the Departure Page in the EFB. This allows you to easily control loading and fuel via a slider if you need to move quickly.

By the way, there is also a small new feature in the current FMS that you will definitely like. We have found a way to activate the DIRECT-TO function for STARs too. Although you still can't insert waypoints into a predefined approach route, you can now override existing waypoints with a direct to.



The FMS Speed Mode is planned for the next update. This is an automatic selection of the airspeed depending on the flight phase and aircraft configuration. Although we can only introduce speed constraints with the custom FMS, all other speed logics, especially during approach and departure, will be available in version 0.9.27.


Bug Fixes

#1709 - AP disengaged when rudder and aileron trim changed

Fixed the incorrect behavior when AP disengaged when rudder and aileron trim changed

#1699 - Speed selector range when on ground is limited

Fixed the incorrect speed selector logic that previously preventing users from dialing in low and high enough speed on ground.

#1404 - Selected Altitude change on ILS approach

Previously selected altitude always changed to 1600 ft whenever ILS approach is activated. Now it's fixed.

#1246 - IAS to MACH transition not aligning speed

Fixed the IAS to MACH speed transition to have the similar value.

#1447 - Selected altitude changed when disconnecting AT

Fixed incorrect behavior when previously selected altitude changed when disconnecting the autothrottle.

#1680 - LNAV activates after TRACK even after disarmed on ground

Set ROLL as default when LNAV is not armed on ground. Previously LNAV always selected which was incorrect.

#1735 - Nav lights showing outside of wing parameter

Another update to NAV lights so it has the correct position.

#1850 - E170 : J-Air livery fixed

Fixed the E170 J-Air livery where some part of livery was missing.

#1758 - E19x : Flap 1 barber pole speed incorrect

Set the Flap 1 barber pole speed to 230 as referenced.


#1873 - Autopilot transition from ASEL to ALT

Improved the ASEL to ALT annunciator behavior.

#1752 - Speed and Wind Trend stability

Improved stability of PFD wind trend that was affecting the speed stability.

#1006 - Pitch trim change rate

Improved the rate of speed for pitch trim.

#1769 - FPA adjustment rate with mouse wheel

Improved the stability of the FPA adjustment rate when using mouse wheel.

#1790 - FMA logic on takeoff (HDG mode)

Improved the FMA logic on takeoff.

#1768 - Cockpit knob line texture

Improved the line texture around the cockpit knobs.

#1856 - Adjust default value of Flight Guidance Panel source illumination

Adjusted the default value of Flight Guidance Panel illumination to OFF as requested by most pilot.

#1837 - EFB Quick Load for Fuel and Payload

Improved the Payload input by adding the sliders as a quick way to adjust fuel, pax and cargo weight on EFB.

#1676 - MCDU button press sounds improved

Improved the MCDU button press sounds.

#1749 - Adjusted max screen brightness

Update the maximum value for the screen brightness

#1711 - Improved custom ILS alignment

Improved the alignment smoothness when capture LOC.

#1786 - Improved Altitude alerter logic

Improved the logic for the altitude alerter

#1729 - Improved volumetric effect on strobe lights

Improved the volumetric effects of the strobe lights

#1891 - Direct-TO on arrivals

Update MCDU logic for Direct-TO on arrivals

#1858 - E17x : Add wheel cover to appropriate default liveries

Added wheel covers to all liveries.

#1880 - E19x : Runway spawn flap settings

Changed the default flap selection when spawn on runway to 1, same as calculated on MCDU.


#345 - Autopilot - HDG select direction +180 degrees

Improved the turn direction when in HDG mode and the knob turn more than 180 degrees to follow the direction of the knob turned.

#405 - Autopilot - GO-AROUND

Added GA mode as we dive more into the Autopilot 2.0

#916 - Approach Status Annunciations

Added Approach Status Annunciations to the PFD

#1874 - Autopilot - Overspeed Mode

When the autopilot and/or the autothrottle are engaged, pitch and/or thrust will be adjusted to prevent overspeed.

#1701 - Trim yoke and rudder animations

Animate the Yoke/Rudder movement when using the aileron/rudder trim.

#1883 - Auto TCS feature added

Whenever AP is enabled, and pilot move the yoke, it will engage TCS, and when yoke input is put back to neutral position after certain delay, AP will re-engage.

#1893 - Custom Auto Trim

Added feature to combine the elevator of default MSFS feature with the custom trim adjustment to help neutralize the elevator and accelerate FLCH if needed.

#1892 - Yoke Jitter

Added Yoke Jitter when AP is active