E-Jets Update 0.9.27 available

Although only two weeks have passed since the last update, we already have a considerable changelog for the new version.

Autopilot 2.0 in progress

As expected, the new custom autopilot is keeping us on our toes. Several things have been fixed and with the new custom altitude select and altitude hold mode there is now a significantly improved transition phase between the two modes. However, this and other adjustments with regard to the upcoming SU15 update have cost us an unexpected amount of time, so we are a little behind schedule. Let's hope that the SU15 update doesn't have any more surprises in store to interrupt our progress.


For the next update we are already working intensively on the FMS speed mode, another milestone in the autopilot / FMS logic. We weren't able to ship it now but want to give you access to the changes mentioned below rather than postpone the release. We are also working on a new big feature on the sound side, details will be revealed in the next update.

Until then, we hope you enjoy the new version!


Bug Fixes

#1898 - Lateral FD bar not centered

Fixed the FD bar not centered on takeoff

#1899 - FD defaults visible on power up

Fixed the FD visible as default on power up.

#1907 - Audio panel behavior fixed

Audio panel behavior fixed where previously random lights on when VHF1 selected.

#1881 - ROLL/LNAV ON after landing behavior fixed

Fixed the incorrect behavior where ROLL/LNAV automatically ON after landing.

#1921 - Cold and Dark spawning with autobrakes set to RTO fixed

Fixed autobrakes set to RTO when spawning Cold and Dark.

#1876 - ACP volume defaults to 0 on start fixed

Set the ACP volume default to maximum when spawning

#1934 - VS dropped to 0 if selected from FLCH or FPA mode behavior fixed

Incorrect behavior that VS dropped to 0 if VS mode selected from FLCH or FPA mode fixed

#1933 - Incorrect audio clicking sounds fixed

Clicking sounds heard in some liveries now fixed.

#1938 - CoPilot Callouts wrong speed reading

Incorrect CoPilot Callouts speed reading fixed

#1780 - Engine cone missing for some types during flight

Missing engine cone on several types during flight fixed

#1791 - Flight Control Modes missing guard animation

The animation for Flight Control Modes guard added

#1872 - E190: BA Livery cargo door decal detached fixed

E190: BA livery cargo door decal detached when opened fixed.

#1910 - E19X: E190 & E195 TAP livery incorrect decal fixed

E190: Fixed TAP livery for E190 and E195


#1835 - MCDU Default Brightness adapted during day flight

MCDU default brightness higher during day flight

#841 - Changing ALT during ASEL FMA, will activate previous vertical mode

Update the behavior when changing ALT during ASEL FMA, now will activate the previous vertical mode.

#1748 - MCDU/MFD/EICAS CSS updated to keep consistent color scheme

Update CSS colors to have consistent color scheme between MCDU/MFD/EICAS

#1025 - IAS during cruise now show CAS instead of EAS

The IAS shown during cruise now show CAS instead of EAS


#1929 - Custom AP AltHold and AltSel

Added Custom AP for ALT Hold and ALT Sel.

#1896 - Added hide/show copilot on EFB

Added the capability to hide/show copilot on EFB.