E-Jets Update 0.9.28 available

This update is packed with things you will love. We are really happy to finally bring you the FMS Speed Mode and even more new features and bug fixes. We have explained a few selected topics in a little more detail.

FADEC System

The E-Jets now have a customized engine controller, that is much closer to reality and adds some missing features to the plane:

  • The engine spoolup/spooldown is more realistic now
  • The throttle detents (TOGA) and (MAX) correspond to their respective limits also in manual thrust operation. Now you can switch the autothrottle off, push the throttles to TOGA and get takeoff thrust or go-around thrust, respectively. If you firewall the throttles, you get TO-X, TO-X-RSV or GA-RSV thrust, as in the real plane.
  • In autothrottle operation other than takeoff or go around, the automatic throttle lever movement is restricted to the respective limit (CRZ, CLB). The AT will not move the levers further ahead. You can still advance them manually to TOGA, if you like.
  • The ATTCS (Automatic Take-off Thrust Control System) is implemented. It automatically increases thrust in case of engine failure. Try it out during takeoff and switch off one engine - shortly after you will have TO-X-RSV thrust. Note that ATTCS is finally showing green on EICAS, once active.


TRS System

We found some bugs, causing issues like a large thrust decrease from TO to CLB after takeoff. Other than that
CON thrust rating has been implemented for engine out operations in cruise.


FMS Speed

One of the biggest milestones and most frequently requested features is finally making its way into our e-Jets. The FMS Speed System automatically selects the speed depending on the current flight phase and aircraft configuration. To do this, turn the selector knob on the autopilot panel to FMS instead of MAN. The mode can also be recognized by the magenta-coloured speed selection (MAN is green). Once turned in, you basically don't have to do anything else. The speeds are set automatically. If you want to know more about this, you can find a more detailed description here.

Cabin Announcements

Our new cabin announcement feature was also frequently requested. Here we try to simulate the crew coordination with the cabin as realistically as possible - from the captain's point of view. The announcements are individual depending on the livery (but cannot currently be modified by users). The system is quite sophisticated. If you activate "Enable Announcements Auto Mode" in the EFB Operator settings, you can make yourself comfortable and simply enjoy the announcements. Otherwise, you play the captain yourself and control your announcements individually. You can find a detailed description here.


In addition to the ongoing development of the autopilot, we want to install a wasm version of the EICAS display in the next update. You may remember that we initially programmed all systems in javascript, which had a noticeable impact on performance as complexity increased. Some instruments have now been converted to WASM, but the EICAS is very complex. In addition to the indications, it also contains the CAS message logic - you wouldn't believe how complex it is in the background. Nevertheless, we have made good progress with the migration and therefore dare to officially announce it.

And May will bring even more as we are already planning the release of the E-190 and E-195 Freighter variants. As promised, it will be a free update for all customers who own both E-Jets packages. For all others there will be an attractive update price. We will tell you how to get the free version in the near future. Pictures will also follow soon. Stay tuned!

Until then, have fun with this update!


Bug Fixes

#1507 - Incorrect Cabin ALT after 41000ft fixed

Fixed the incorrect Cabin ALT displayed after 41,000 ft

#1885 - Fixed EFB doubled simbrief imported cargo

Doubled imported cargo weights from simbrief now fixed

#1937 - TA/RA is on instead of STBY from Cold and Dark fixed

Fix the TA/RA value now displayed instead of STBY when spawned from cold and dark

#1980 - PFD: Code amber of ALT Sel delayed to match ALT alterer

Alt Sel amber display now delayed to match ALT alterer on PFD

#1990 - Fixed incorrect logic of BARO minimums with RA values

Fixed the incorrect logic of BARO minimums in RA values

#2000 - Fixed message timing of Batteries on to EICAS

The timing of Batteries ON displayed on EICAS is updated

#1830 - Fixed missing states for the EFB Saving Persistence feature

Updated several instrument states saved on the Saving Persistence feature which previously missing

#1950 - Fixed Right Seat Initiation

The right seat when saved and initiated from spawn now working

#1949 - Fixed FPA/FD stick to horizon

The FPA/FD sticking to horizon behavior now fixed

#1703 - Glowing knob markings fixed

Several incorrect glowing on some knob markings now fixed

#1774 - Speedbrake lever animation issue fixed

The animation for Speedbrake lever updated

#1911 - Barberpole a few knots too high fixed

Speed barberpole sit several knots above Vmo/Mmo now fixed

#2003 - Fix FMS annunciator logic

FMS annunciator never turns amber now fixed

#1972 - PFD Bearing Pointers reworked

Bearing pointers on PFD now updated to match the instrument logic

#1997 - BANK button logic reworked

Maximum bank angle when BANK button activated on different situation now fixed

#2008 - Send to MCDU fuel input reworked

Send to MCDU feature on EFB wrong fuel values input now fixed

#1955 - Perf Init 2/3 CRz Alt not accepting "FLXXX" format fixed

Added input with FLXXX format for the PERF INIT 2/3 in MCDU

#1992 - Fixed MCDU allows text input without power

Incorrect MCDU behavior still allowing text input without power is fixed

#1621 - Fixed MCDU brightness control behavior when turned on from off

MCDU brightness now ON with a single click when turned on from off which previously need couple of clicks.

#1912 - Fixed FMS Autotune fails to tune

FMS Autotune update on several scenarios

#1994 - Fixed behavior when pressing CRS knob

Incorrect behavior when pressing CRS knob now fixed

#1932 - Fixed incorrect movement of spoilers and ailerons

When on ground, the incorrect movement of spoilers and ailerons are fixed

#1900 - Incorrect behavior on speed and alt sel when pressing the ALT sel button to display metric are fixed

The behavior of speed and alt sel now updated when presisng the ALT Sel button to display metric

#1924 - Fixed trim reset when activating drone view

Trim reset when activating drone view now fixed

#1816 - Fixed HDG and CRS rotary

Skipped 0/360 degrees on HDG and CRS rotary is fixed


#1961 - Reduced APU sounds and adjusted wind sounds

APU and wind sounds level now imroved

#1986 - BARO Mins now maxed at 16,000

Update the BARO Mins value now maxed at 16,000 ft

#1998 - Implemented CAS MSG: STALL PROT ICE SPEED

CAS MSG: STALL PROT ICE SPEED now implemented on the correct logic

#2004 - Adjusted IESS scroll increments in hPa

Improve the scroll number required to change value for IESS in hPa

#1940 - Update EFB: G-Force not global but per operator

Update logic to save G-Force slider per operator, not global

#1963 - Adjusted MFD Terrain Map

Updated the MFD terrain map

#1978 - Cockpit lights default off when spawned in daytime

The default lights now OFF when spawned in daytime

#1988 - IESS looks updated

Improved the IESS look to enhance realism

#1989 - Added headphones simulation

Added headphones simulation to enhance the immersiveness

#2001 - Aircraft horn after battery discharge

Incorrect horn activated after battery discharged behavior improved

#2005 - Implemented pushback faults CAS messages

Now CAS messages will appear whenever pushback faults detected

#2012 - ACT APP Speed on MCDU inversed

The ACT APP speed on MCDU looks are improved to match the real instrument

#1831 - Waypoint Center label added when MFD-Plan centered

Added Waypoint Center label when MFD-Plan centered is used

#1960 - E17x: Adjusted Volume levels and Engines Spool Up

Update the E17x general volumes level and engines spool up sounds

#1959 - E19x: Improved Engines Spool Up Sound

Update the E19x engines spool up sounds


Custom Autothrottle in WASM infrastructure

Custom autothrottle now implemented in WASM infrastructure with more enhanced feature, such as FADEC and ATTCS

#1982 - Enhanced Flight Attendants PA

Added Flight Attendants PA feature to add more custom announcement available on the sim

#1509 - FMS Speed

FMS Speed calculation now implemented in the system

#1860 - EFB option to disable OVRD function of A/T

OVRD A/T functionality now added on EFB Option