Tecnam P2006T MKII Update 1.0.8

Following the successful release of the Tecnam P2006T in the analog cockpit version, we have today also updated our MKII - the modern counterpart - to the latest version.
We reworked the autopilot events for a better compatibility with the default autopilot key bindings and improved the sounds. Additionally some user requested changes have been applied.

The Update is available in Aerosoft One and Contrail.

Enjoy your ride!


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  • Autopilot events now turn on/off the actual Autopilot instead of the master switch
  • Fixed compatibility issue with Logitech Flight Radio Panel
  • FSS_P2006T_BRAKE_SIM_CONDITION_SET now writable
  • Disabled propeller clickspot when engine is on/off
  • Sound: engine and propeller position adjustments
  • Added minimum callout for G1000