Tecnam P2006T Series Update 1.1.2

This update focuses on autopilot behavior and SU15 adaptations of the GPS hot swapping.

Users have reported a perplexing issue: after deactivating all autopilot functions, the ALT mode (Altitude Hold) reactivates on its own. This occurs even when the autopilot switch is set to off, regardless of whether the command is issued via hardware buttons (like the Honeycomb Bravo) or mouse clicks. This unexpected behavior disrupts the flying experience, as the ALT mode should remain off once disengaged. We were able to implement the following changes:

  • The AP master switch now completely disables the autopilot, rather than just turning off the display.
  • ALT mode no longer reactivates after being turned off.

However, there is a longer story behind this issue that you should be aware of. The real Tecnam P2006T uses a Garmin G950 system that lacks a native autopilot, justifying the use of the S-Tec system. The G1000 and S-Tec 55X autopilots have different behaviors, particularly in their handling of roll and pitch modes. Unfortunately, further improvements are limited due to our autopilot being based on the Working Title G1000 Autopilot. As a result, with HDG mode active, the autopilot continues to trim for the last vertical speed.

The version now also allows for seamless hot swapping between GPS units, specifically from the Working Title GNS430 to the PMS/TDS GTN 750 and back. This enhancement ensures that you can switch between these GPS units effortlessly without restarting the sim or even installing a different package.



  • Fixed Avionics & Cross Bus Switches incorrect in easy mode
  • Fixed ALT mode remains active after AP disconnect
  • Removed ROLL + PITCH mode fallback for autopilot
  • Fixed hot swapping from WT GNS430 to TDS/PMS GTN750 for SU15 (P2006T Analog Version only)